A woman’s womb holds much power. I never knew exactly how much power until I gave birth to my son. Giving Birth to our children is a most sacred right given only to us women. The 9 month journey in the womb is usually a quiet time spent between mother and baby, a time spent bonding and learning to communicate. If a mother is open enough she can easily communicate with her baby as soon as she is pregnant. The birthing process further connects the bond between mother and child. Being fully present and conscious during the birth is vital in creating an even stronger bond between mother and child. The two work together to assist each other in the birth. Without the bonding of birthing naturally, something between mother and child is lost. If you have had a natural birth you might just understand what I am saying. This does not in any way diminish the bond of any mother and child who did not have a natural birth. Babies communicate telepathically, and look to the mother as the one to understand this. A telepathic relationship can always be nurtured or ignored, it is a choice. 

To be connected with ones baby is the same as being connected to oneself. How connected you are with yourself, that is how connected you are with your child. You are not separate from your baby. The birthing process is something both mother and child are actively involved in, it is not just the mother pushing the baby out, it is the mother communicating and encouraging her baby to descend down the canal. The baby sends the signal up to the mommy saying it’s ready to come out, then baby waits to see how mother reacts. If mother is calm and relaxed baby knows and then feels safe to continue the journey. If mother is in anyway frightened or unsure of her ability to birth her baby the baby will know and pick up on it. The whole birthing process is mother and baby communicating on the magical journey together. It is a place in time and space that is most sacred, one that should not be infringed on. Nothing should be allowed into that space that does not resonate with the mothers ability to birth her baby peacefully and naturally.

When I say birthing naturally is important to me it is because I know the powerful healing women can experience from birthing naturally and peacefully. I look around and I see a society where the feminine energy on the planet has been dominated and controlled by the masculine energy for along time. Now the energies are shifting and the feminine is screaming to be heard and to be healed. It all starts with taking our power back as women. There is nothing more empowering for a women then to birth her baby in her own time and space and in her own power. Did you know, throughout history midwives have provided the majority of maternity care around the world. It wasn’t until the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that doctors became more involved in births and women were being experimented on in hospitals and honestly if you research it, Doctor would place women in straight jackets and lay them in bed for days; many weird contraptions and procedures took place, all in the name of “science” and “experimentation”. 

Many women, and men, these days rely on doctors or midwifes to tell them what to do in regards to their pregnancy and their birthing process. Once we remember we were born with the power to birth naturally and in our own way, the healing journey speeds up. The masculine energy has very heavily misunderstood the feminine energy thus causing fear. That is why men all over the world try to keep women oppressed and dominated. It is time to stop allowing this and to take back our birth right. We are also decreasing the amount of traumatic births. No one can tell you what is best for you and your baby, Especially when you are giving birth! Only you know what’s best for you and you birth!

This book will not be like most pregnancy story books, this will be only stories of women who have birthed naturally and who have stepped onto the path of accelerated healing. There will be no long exert from the author offering support or advice, this is a book with raw and real stories of women who have birthed in powerful ways. These stories are meant to inspire and encourage women to step into their own power. These stories are meant to inspire mothers to yearn to create the solid bond with their children at birth, a most sacred and special act.

If you feel like you align with this book’s purpose and want to join us women in the creation of a powerful book click here.


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